Mercedes-Benz Slovakia s. r. o.

Mercedes-Benz Slovakia is an importer of Mercedes-Benz, Smart, Fuso and Setra vehicles. Founded in 1990 as Motor-Car Wiesenthal, it has been a reliable  partner in the automotive industry for over 25 years. Mercedes-Benz Slovakia s.r.o. is 100% owned by Daimler AG, a global leader among the automotive industry leaders.

„Throughout the Daimler Group we understand that Compliance means compliance with all laws, regulations and obligations that apply to our business model, including relevant internal directives and procedures affecting the day-to-day operations of the Company. Compliance with laws and values ​​has always been the center of business ethics of our company, and we are therefore guided by the following motto: „Compliance is not an option for us, it’s an integral  part and  a permanent element of our corporate culture.“ We want these values ​​to be represented by all employees at every stage management of our company.“

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