Erste Asset Management GmbH, pobočka Slovenská republika

Erste Asset Management GmbH, pobočka Slovenská republika develops and manages investment solutions to address the strive of people for financial independence. We are there to make this possible by providing accessibility of our products and services for everybody.  We offer a wide range of investment funds and asset management solutions to our clients and apply the highest quality standards in dealing with our clients’ money. Meeting and exceeding our customers’ needs is the foundation for sustainable business success. We develop our products and services on the basis of these needs and meet our obligations towards our customers. We attach particular importance to the sustainability of our products and services. As a company, we pursue a socially responsible and environmentally friendly way of doing business.

“We share values of Slovak Compliance Circle; we seek to promote them and guide our action based on them. Transparency is a cornerstone of our company culture. Legal requirements we do not see as maximum for our activities but as a bare minimum. It is not enough to take good decisions and make good choices. It is necessary to take heed and comply with whatever you plan and that can only happen by the influence of professional integrity and due care.“