MetLife Europe d.a.c., a branch of a foreign business

MetLife, Inc. Group is a leading provider of financial services, life and pension insurance, as well as employee benefits. In Slovakia, it operates as a branch of an insurance company from another Member State (a branch of a foreign business). We offer life insurance, accident and sickness insurance and travel insurance.

„We became a SCC member in order to share knowledge and experience with other members and raise awareness of Compliance issues. Our activities in the Slovak branch are divided into two directions. The first is corporate compliance. Since our company has a parent organization in the US, we also conduct corporate compliance activities focused on preventing and combating corruption, unethical behavior, which in fact constitutes, in particular, an infringement of criminal law. The second is regulatory compliance. We are primarily a regulated financial institution that must ensure that professional care and public law in the area of insurance distribution are observed. This is the compliance´s primary task, together with the protection of personal data and the prevention of money laundering. Both directions combine to meet the requirements of a functional and comprehensive management and control system.“

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