SPP is the largest Slovak energy supplier. In the field of gas supplies, it builds directly on more than 165 years of tradition in the Slovak gas industry. The company has been operating in the electricity supply market since 2012. SPP guarantees reliable, secure and competitive supplies of gas and electricity, including associated services, across all regions of Slovakia. It successfully supplies energy to more than 1.3 million points of supply. SPP also engages in providing energy-related services, smart power solutions, development of alternative transport and development of production and supply of renewable energy (electricity and biomethane). Since 2020, SPP has acted as a purchaser of electricity produced by renewable energy sources and high-efficiency cogeneration. Through its subsidiary SPP CNG, s.r.o., it has been supporting development of CNG and LNG utilisation in the field of transport as an alternative to traditional fuels. SPP implements its activities in the field of social responsibility and philanthropy through EkoFond, a non-profit organisation, SPP Foundation, SPP Gallery and SPP Museum. Since 2014, the 100% owner of the company has been the Slovak Republic, which exercises its shareholder rights through the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic.

„SPP conducts its business activities in a regulated sector therefore the successful enforcement of the compliance program is crucial for us. An important document of our compliance program is the SPP Code of Conduct, which was adopted by the SPP Board of Directors in June 2021 and is also applicable to our subsidiaries. However, our aim is not only the formal implementation of this program, but also its effective application being an integral part of the corporate culture and responsible sustainable business. We believe that SPP’s membership in the Slovak Compliance Circle will be mutually beneficial and that either through exchange of practical experience or through discussion about national and international trends, activities and innovations in this area.“